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Baby Steps...

Title: Baby Steps...
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: BAP
Pairing: Youngjae/Daehyun
Rating: PG
Summary: Daehyun was still nervous about spending time with Youngjae's daughter
A/N: It has been a long time since I wrote BAP but I really missed writing them. Follow on from Meetings (but can also be read alone) Also posted on AO3

it was the first time he stopped overCollapse )

Strawberry laces and Coke

Title: Strawberry laces and Coke
Fandom: 100%/BToB
Pairing(s)/Focus: Jonghwan/Minhyuk, Jonghwan-Centric
Rating: PG-13 (mentions of sex, innuendo)
Wordcount: 1,300
Work remixed: Kahlua and Amarula, Topped With Cream by [Unknown LJ tag]
Summary: Jonghwan wakes up after bringing Minhyuk home from the club
Notes/Warnings: I love the original fic and I actually loved all of your masterlist, your fics were so good it was hard to pick one to remix, and then I ran out of time at the end - and I really wish it was longer, and my ideas had been fully explored. I really hope you enjoy it. I loved mixing it. Like your author's note I did find their dynamic hard because they are so similar but also different. Originally for kpop_ficmix

it'd been some nightCollapse )
Title: (Even If the Road Ahead Is Dangerous) I Can't Stop Now
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: EXO
Pairing: Minseok/Luhan
Word Count: ~4000
Rating: R
Warnings: mentions of homophobia (internal and external)
Summary: Luhan was pretty sure the transfer student was going to ruin his life.
Author's Notes: ***The title is from a translation of Black Pearl***, I hope this was everything you wanted. Originally for seokmonsters

it was called the done thing back in the dayCollapse )


Title: Meetings...
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: BAP
Pairing: Youngjae/Daehyun
Rating: PG
Words: 1,500
Summary: Daehyun had never met Youngjae's daughter, and Youngjae was starting to worry.
A/N: It has been a long time since I wrote BAP but I really missed writing them. Also posted on AO3

he had no choice but to bring her to workCollapse )

어디에서 잤어?

Title: 어디에서 잤어?
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: 100%
Pairing: Minwoo/Chanyong
Rating: R
Words: 1,500
Warning: hinted internal homophobia, Infidelity, hinted sex
Summary: Thailand was supposed to fix everything...
A/N: Thank you to Lia who literally listened to me whine too much (and got confused with me) and also thank you to Squid for sprinting with me because I needed that push to write. Also a big shoutout to Sinbi who dealt with me and made sure this made sense. I love this fic world, and I loved the original - I love this version just as much and I hope that anyone who reads this will love it too. For automix.

Remix of I See Fire

the plane was awkwardCollapse )

Nothing In This World 10/?

Title: Nothing In This World
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: Got7
Chapter: 10/?
Pairing: Mark/Jackson, Jinyoung/Jaebum, Mark/Youngjae
Rating: R
Warning: I curse a bit,
Summary: One summer, one kiss, one breath it took to make Mark realise how he felt his best friend and then to slowly have to watch his best friend push him away a bit. Starting university is hard enough but to feel like you've made the biggest mistake of your life is something else...

ForecastCollapse )


Title: Interwoven
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: Infinite
Pairing: Hoya/Myungsoo
Words: 5,342
Rating: R
Warning: [Highlight *spoilers*] Slight homophobia
Summary: Myungsoo wishes Hoya wasn't still hiding...
A/N: A sequel to Manual Labour and for continuities sake I have continued to use Myungsoo and Hoya as their names (instead of using Howon). Thank you, Pancake, Squid and Céline who have put up with me complaining and being stuck and frustrated and basically just holding my hand.
**Cross-posted to AO3

Myungsoo knew he shouldn't care that muchCollapse )

White Noise on the Radio

Title: White Noise on the Radio
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: EXO
Pairing: Sehun/Tao
Rating: Pg-15
Words: 1325
Warning: cursing, mentions of sex
Summary: Zi Tao knew he should never have agreed to this.
A/N:This was supposed to be so much more than this, but technical difficulties got in the way, thank you to Pancake for listening to me trying to plot this out and thank you to M for listening to me even though you had no idea what was going on. For exoficpalette with the setting and trope, college - road trip.

It was a pretty beat up carCollapse )

Hanging by a Thread...

Title:Hanging by a Thread...
Author: the_resolver
Fandom: GOT7
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: Mark/Jackson
Rating: Nc-17
Words: 2,500
Warning: awkward blowjob.
Summary: Mark was surprised by just who his soulmate was
A/N: This is dedicated to my amazing friend Heidi, for her birthday <3. Wish I could be there, but this is the most I could do. Hope you like it :)

Mark was never disappointed to have two brown eyesCollapse )



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